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Looking for a Road Trip, Adult or Youth? Try Austria!

Zell am See hockey organizations host adult and youth international tournaments.

The Zell am See experience highlighted in this website’s related articles is worth looking into if your team is looking for a European hockey road trip.

They offer two international tournaments:

Oldies Adult Tournament

Oldies Adult Tournament

The Oldies Ice Hockey Classic is held every two years in the October time frame.  Age divisions include 35+, 45+, 50+, 60+.  The 2012 tournament just completed drew 30 teams from 9 countries.

Watch a short video from 2010 at:  Ice Hockey Classic 2010.

For information on this tournament, see their website at: Zell Ice Hockey Classic.

World Youth Tournament is held every year for Peewee and Bantam (major and minor) levels, ages U11, U13, U15.  In their 22nd year, their youth tournament has grown into Europe’s largest youth hockey event and has gained international attention and acclaim by offering an international competition experience at these levels.It is held at a very convenient and accessible location in Zell am See in the spring of the year from Friday before Easter to Sunday after Easter.  This allows most teams to participate as their league schedules are already completed.

It is highly organized as participation includes teams from more than 20 countries.  Each year 48 teams compete in the three age groups.  Each team plays 6 games.  Overall 144 games are played in the 10 days.  Over 22,000 young hockey players have participated in 3168 games since the tournament started.

Check it out at: World Youth Hockey Tournament

YouTube videos can be found at:

World Youth Tourney 2010         :25

World Youth Tourney 2011     15:00

World Youth Tourney 2009      6:49

World Youth Tourney 2008      3:43

For more information, you can contact Helmuth Mayer, President of the Salzburg Ice Hockey Federation, or Peter Buchmayr, Organization Manager, at: office@hockey-world.org.

World Youth Tourney Opening Ceremony





Youth Tourney Action

Youth Tourney Action