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Bobby Goepfert

MHM’s Newest Columnist Unmasked


Bobby Goepfert (re) introduces himself to the State of Hockey …

Hello readers, my name is Bobby Goepfert and, like most of you, I am a puck-aholic. I was flattered to be asked to contribute to Minnesota Hockey, so every so often the crazy ramblings that circulate in my puck-dented mind will find its way to pen and paper and onto the website … I think. I am new at this.

For those who do not know me, I am a goaltender. Currently I am playing in my third year for Dusseldorf of the DEL (Germany). Previously to that, well … hockeydb me; let’s just say I bounced around in the minors. Prior to the professional life, I played collegiately at St. Cloud State University and Providence College. Why two colleges? Well, you can Google that too. Before college, I played two seasons in the USHL for the Cedar Rapids Roughriders … and before that? Well there is no documentation of my whereabouts, but I assure you I was trying to stop pucks somewhere.

For years I have been given the label of “crazy goalie” and I suppose the shoe fits. I embrace it, it is fine, definitely not a negative in my opinion. I just don’t know if I was crazy before I was a goalie, or being a goalie has made me crazy. Chicken or the egg? That is a debate for greater minds.

What can you expect from my “columns”? Well, my writing style is similar to my personality I think. I try to be good natured, humorous and entertaining. I am not a hockey analyst, nor am I narcissistic enough to write pieces about the “right” way to play goalie, or the “right” paths to take in a hockey career. I will draw from my experiences in the game, maybe sharing some cool and fun memories with a lesson for the younger generation, but I will try to stay away from the “me” aspect as I expect my autobiography to be out in about 30 years.

I have always enjoyed writing. It has been a great escape for me, especially with the pressures of the goaltending position. I look forward to this opportunity to share some of the wackily kooky puck-inhibited meanderings with all of you.


Follow Bobby on Twitter at @GeffMan47

Been called different, weird, quirky, flaky, unique, strange, crazy. And that is just what people have said about me to my face. I am a hockey goaltender so all the adjectives seem appropriate. Born & raised in NY, adopted son of the state of Minnesota. Amateur source citer.

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