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Hockey Moms Aren’t Crazy!

hockey_mom_crazyphoto-251x300Hockey Moms Aren’t Crazy! is a tribute to Hockey Moms in the form of jokes, comical illustrations and stories collected from Hockey Moms and hockey pros. There’s even a contribution from famed “Miracle on Ice” great, Mike Eruzione!

Author Jody M. Anderson grew up on a 100-acre Quarter Horse farm, where she boarded, trained, showed and bred horses. Expensive, time-consuming and with lots of driving, she now knows that this prepared her for life as a Hockey Mom!

Jody has four children, five grandchildren and one husband. They are the loves of her life. One child played lacrosse in college, another was a diver in college, one played hockey at JR level and one at HS level.


Jody’s family still enjoys going to professional hockey games and cheering on the local team. Best of all, Jody now has the privilege of watching her grandchildren play hockey. Life is fabulous!


Below are a few samplings from Jody’s book and a link to purchase your copy!


Last year, our four-year-old, Tara, started a program that teaches her how to play hockey. I was helping her get ready while my husband, Zac, was loading the dishwasher. As I helped her pull her new pants over her long johns, she realized that the pants had pockets. 

She excitedly yelled, “Daddy, now I have a pocket for my lip gloss!”

Zac quickly answered, “No! There’s no lip gloss in hockey!”

I guess a girl needs lip gloss, even when she’s on the ice.

—Kylah Eckes, Hockey Mom


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