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Shooting off a treadmill

(Shooting off a treadmill)

This month we are talking about treadmill training but specifically, shooting off a treadmill.  Unlike most others in the market, our treadmill has a very wide skating surface, wide enough to shoot right off the moving tread.  Among other benefits, this forces players to learn to shoot while still keeping their feet moving.  Treadmill shooting is an advanced exercise that only players who have first learned a strong and efficient stride can do effectively.

The benefits of shooting off the treadmill are multiple. Obviously it’s a great leg and stride work out but it is also good for your core, arms, and shoulders which you use while shooting.

Our typical shooting work out on the treadmill consists of seven sets of ten pucks with 30 seconds to shoot them.  The mechanics of the shot we are looking for includes hands out in front with down pressure on the stick so the player can use the benefits of the flex of their stick to release a hard shot.  We also have players alternate which foot they release the shoot on.  Alternating feet while shooting on the treadmill allows the player to practice releasing the puck off either foot in a quick snapshot type motion.   After the player has mastered releasing a puck off both feet, we have the player focus on where shots should be placed.  We look for shots right under the crossbar in both upper corners and 14 inches high inside the pipe just above where the goalies leg pads are in the butterfly.  Most importantly, we go through these mechanics with constant reminders to the player that their head needs to be up using their peripheral vision to see the puck.

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