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Sher-Wood introduces the lightest stick on the market

The Sher-Wood Ek 15, after years of development enters the market as the lightest and most responsive stick on the market.   To get a better idea of what this hand crafted stick is about, we asked the experts, and this is what we found out.

Questions and Answers with Hockey stick specialist  Michael Soule

What is the weight of the EK15?

The EK15 is the lightest stick on the market and weighs 385 grams (PP26 85 flex).

With the EK15 being so light, how can it also be durable?

The innovative and highly sophisticated handcrafted process requires 8 times longer to produce than the mechanized method, eliminating any surplus materials and defects which can result in pre-mature breakage.

What are the new features of the EK15?

The new features for the EK15 are the EKORE technology and the VRF.2 blade.

What is the EKORE technology?

The EKORE technology is the process of meticulously making a stick by hand with a new ultra light and ultra strength carbon fiber which is 30% lighter than the competition.

What is the VRF.2 blade?

In order to provide the most responsive and vibration free blade ever made, a new high performance foam, as well as an additional carbon fiber bridge have been added to stiffen the blade and minimize the stress caused by constant contact. Torsion is reduced for a more accurate shot and optimal puck control.

Is the EK15 a true one-piece?

The EK15 features the spear shaft technology. This means that the stick is a true one piece and not a fused shaft and blade. This results in a more responsive stick and an improved tangible feel of the puck.

What is the flex profile of the EK15?

The EK15 has a low kickpoint design, meaning the stick flexes in the bottom portion of the shaft for a quick and accurate release.

What sizes and patterns are offered for the EK15?

The EK15 is available in senior 95, 85 and 75 flex in the PP26, PP88, PP92, PP09, PP77, PP01, PP05 and PP12 patterns. In intermediate 65 flex in the PP26 and PP88 patterns and in a junior 45 flex version in PP26 and PP88.

Why should I buy the EK15?

Listed at $199.99, the EK15 is the lightest and most responsive stick on the market. It offers features superior to sticks in the $300 price range and provides unmatched puck feel and durability. The EK15 offers the best value and best performance on the market.

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