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Skate-a-thon Fundraiser

Signature logoCalling all hockey associations and skating clubs!!!

We have an easy and exciting fundraising opportunity for you!

Welcome to the new tradition in Minnesota Hockey. MN Hockey Magazine has created the Minnesota Skate-a-thon, which matches the energy of your hockey players with the technology of crowd funding.  There is no selling, no ordering, no coupons … just interactive crowd funding and hard skating.

What is the Skate-a-thon?

hockey3Think of the Skate-a-thon as a 5k, 10K or marathon on ice for hockey players, hockey teams, and hockey associations. Associations and teams will raise funds to support their cause by team skating in a fun, interactive, engaging environment.

 What do you skate for?

Associations and teams know their needs better than anyone else. The reason they skate in the Skate-a-thon is to raise funds for a variety of things. It’s their decision. From keeping registration affordable, to paying for ice time, tournament team travel, hockey gear for beginners, new uniforms, new warm up gear, to advanced training or any other cause the team and or association decides. This is only going to grow as hockey associations are looking for new ways to raise money. 

  • Decide what you want to skate for.  It can be anything; equipment, travel expenses, ice time, etc.  Then sign-up.
  • We set up all web pages, funding pages, and print marketing like flyers and posters. We work with you to set up funds transfers and then email blast parents on how to collect pledges.
  • Skate, reach your goal and cash in.
  • Choose from over 106 possible skating dates over the winter to skate your Skate-a-thon outside at the Guidant John Rose Minnesota OVAL or several other locations.

hockey2Total Family Experience

Minnesota is known around the world for its hockey.  Known as the state of hockey, Minnesota has some of the best hockey families in the world, and the Skate-a-thon is bringing them together in this massive crowd funding effort like never before.

The Skate-a-thon is the quintessential all inclusive hockey player fundraising event in Minnesota, delivering unparalleled fundraising ability, crowd funding technologies, team participation, family interaction, and shareable social media. 


While the fundraising process stays the same for everyone, our teams can choose how they would like to participate in the Skate-a-thon.

Option One – The Guidant John Rose Oval

The Guidant John Rose Oval will host thousands of skaters over 106 sessions that each team will schedule. 

Option Two – A Custom Skate-a-thon | The Home Ice Advantage

Programs that desire to skate at their home rink will have the home ice advantage as they raise funds for their program. 

How can you get involved?

If you are a representative of a local youth hockey association or skating club and are interested in in learning how your organization can host a Skate-a-thon event, contact Scott Tiffany at or call Scott at (715) 222-6460.

Those interested in partnering with us as a Skate-a-thon sponsor can find a wealth of information on our Skate-a-thon Media Kit.


With over 1,000 pieces of original content currently on our website, from a prominent group of 60 plus contributors, we are here to promote the game.

We publish great work, and move the game forward by educating the public with the help of many great hockey minds.


© Minnesota Skate-a-thon. All Right Reserved. 2015 Skate-a-thon information and details are subject to change at any time.

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